The Story


Rating: PG-13

Genre: Psychological Horror 

Sub Genre: Zombie, Thriller

Target Audience: Men/Women 13-24

Teenagers partying at a lake house are terrorized by an unwelcome friend who’s taking a zombie prank too far, but learn that he accidentally overdosed on the bath salt Flakka that makes victims anamilistic.

Before he goes off to college, Lucas looks forward to one final hurrah with his friends for a weekend up at his grandparents’ old house. But when his best friend Dylan brings along his contentious cousin, Mason, Lucas’s prospects for having a wholesome fun time immediately turn sour. Strangers, booze, and drugs turn this weekend into a full blown party, much to Lucas’s chagrin, but things go from bad to deadly when a new drug is mistakenly ingested by Mason, rendering him equivalent to a rabid zombie. And he’s got a thirst for blood.

Director’s Note: Horror is an interesting genre because it allows a real portrayal of the evil that actually exists in our world along with the role we all play to stand up to that evil, and it allows spiritual topics to be discussed more openly. Horror of any kind might not be your cup of tea but it exists in our culture and has its place in storytelling. Flakka is known as a gateway drug and some think it opens the door to demonic possession because of the loss of control it causes. In our movie, there are two psych majors who come at the drug overdose scenario from different viewpoints, one from scientific observation and the other with an openness to the spirit world having done a service project in Haiti and witnessing voodoo first hand. Our main character Lucas changes from a judgmental Christian type to a caring, compassionate type through the ordeal of dealing with his childhood bully who now terrorizes him and his friends. I connect most to this character because of my strict upbringing and my desire to love the undesirable, even my enemies. I believe there are many interesting reasons to support this movie, even if horror isn’t your thing.